Go Smart – Towards a Sustainable Smart City

By Economic Division of Taipei Mission in Sweden

Besides the economic growth, the sustainable and environmental issues are equally important to the world; therefore, many of us have started working on and promoting smart city solutions in order to “smartize” the industries and development, and to create a sustainable ecosystem and live smartly.
The Nordic countries are the front-runners in the smart city arena with high performance of digitalization, well-rounded 5G development, cutting-edge R&D capacity and innovative talents and ideas, which will be great partners for the Asian counterparts in experience sharing, network building, and business and technology cooperation.

In Taiwan, billions of dollars are invested in promoting the flagship IoT program from the «5+2 innovative industries”, namely Smart Machinery, Asia Silicon Valley (IoT), Green Energy, Biomedicine, National Defense, New Agriculture and Circular Economy. It focuses on promoting innovative IoT R&D and building a comprehensive ecosystem for innovative startups. Its aim is to provide smart and innovative services such as mobile lifestyles, AI, automated driving, and AR and VR; ultimately, to create a sustainable smart society for everyone.

In the Smart City arena, there are great opportunities in business cooperation between the Nordics and Asia-Pacific; and therefore, we introduce you “2020 Smart City Summit & Expo” (SCSE 2020).

SCSE 2020 is right at the corner, which will be held from March 24 to 27 in Taipei next year, organized by Taipei Computer Association (TCA). As a matter of fact, SCSE is the biggest and most comprehensive Smart City platform in Asia-Pacific, and also the most prestigious IoT solution fair in Taiwan, which is a great opportunity to build up or expand the network and business cooperation in/with Asia. For more information, please see the following websites.

SCSE’s official website: https://en.smartcity.org.tw/index.php/en-us/

TCA’s official website: https://www.tca.org.tw/en/

Facts and Features

See more facts and features about SCSE from its 2019 Review and 2020 Brochure with the links below.

2019 Review: Download

2020 Brochure: Download

Moreover, the organizer, TCA, offers incentives for overseas participants, which is on a first-come first-served basis. However, if you do not wish to get the offers, it is perfectly fine as well. For more information on the incentives and offers, please see the following webpage.


Wish to see you participating in SCSE 2020 in Taipei.

Let’s work together with/in Asia-Pacific and go smart!