Foreigners working in Norway are struggling to make friends

In the latest Expat Explorer Survey 2017 done by HSBC, Norway makes a jump further up from last year and is now ranking second on the list, only beaten by Singapore. There is, however, one thing that Norway ranks almost last and that is on the criteria social life and making friends. If not for these two last criteria, Norway would have ranked 1st on the list.

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The article further shows that there are two contributing facts that turns out to be deciding on whether you get to know Norwegians or not and those are if you have children or if you have a hobby where you meet other Norwegians.

The results are no surprise to us and only emphasizes the importance of INN´s unique INN Memberships, both Individual and Corporate. The Individual Membership is an extensive two-year membership serving the varied social and emotional needs of both the working expatriate and the accompanying family. The membership offers support, networking opportunities, events, cultural training to mention some – all contributing to making the first two years in Norway easier to manage, not only for the expatriate but for the family that follows. Should you have employees already working in Norway, having trouble integrating into the Norwegian culture, our Corporate membership is a great option.

Should you have any questions related to the memberships, please contact INN here.