Brexit and ATA Carnet – What to be aware of

As the national guaranteeing and issuing association for the ATA Carnet in Norway, Oslo Chamber of Commerce (OCC) has issued the following guidance for holders using Norwegian Carnets in the United Kingdom (UK)
Brexit is here, and UK will no longer be an EU member and should be treated as an independent country. In fact for Norwegian holder there is not any changes. A set of white counterfoil and voucher will be necessary for each Carnet visit to the UK. However, we do recommend to bring one set of blue transit vouchers in addition to the white set.
However there are some changes with regard to the sites where the ATA Carnet can be processed :
As of January 1st. 2021 the port of Dover, Eurotunnel, and Holyhead cannot process ATA Carnets.

Here are links to sites where ATA Carnets will be processed:

Guidance: Attending an inland border facility
Guidance: Moving goods through the Port of Dover and Eurotunnel with an ATA Carnet from 1 January 2021

For traffic over the land boundary between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, the normal hours of opening are 09.00 – 17.00 hours. ATA Carnets entering or leaving the United Kingdom via Northern Ireland should be endorsed in Northern Ireland.

Further information on the relevant aspects of the ATA Carnet in the UK can be found here:

Guidance: ATA Carnet


ATA Carnets are honored in over 80 customs countries and territories and can be used for multiple trips during a one-year period. The global ATA Carnet system is overseen by the Paris-based International Chamber of Commerce. OCC administers the Carnet system in Norway.