Webinar: “Make turbulent times your strength”

09. mar 13.00 - 14.00

We are all confronted in a soft way with how our plans can be thwarted by unforeseen circumstances. The only certainty left is uncertainty.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this, but we do need tools to be agile through turbulent times.

The Forge – a spin-off from the University of Ghent, Belgium – has a unique combination of scientific expertise from the psychology organization with expertise from improvisation theatre and experience with leadership and entrepreneurship. They always work in an interactive and experiential way. They start from your work situation. From there, they provide you with some accessible and well-founded insights and give you a toolbox of tools to achieve more agility in your team or organization. Finally, you will apply these to your own organization.

Michaël Van Damme

  • Background Experimental/Organization Psychologist & scientific collaborator at University Gent.
  • Worked for Centre for the Development of Creative Thinking (COCD, as facilitator of innovation processes) & UGent (researcher)
  • Expertise Science around innovation in groups and organizations, group dynamics, communication, improvisation theatre, charisma, humour and idea selection.
  • Other Experienced Keynote speaker (o.a. TEDx). Experience impro- and stand up comedian. Coaching of executive and public speakers.

Target group
This webinar is for people who want to guide other colleagues, managers or employees through uncertain times. No prior knowledge necessary.

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